✅ Emmerdale’s Lisa Riley compares herself to Adele after 12 stone weight loss

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✍   has compared her incredible weight loss to that of Adele’s as she speaks out after shedding 12 stone in recent years.  The 44-year-old Emmerdale actress is building up to marrying her fiancé Al, which has given her a focus to losing weight in such a dramatic fashion.  She has just celebrated 30 years in showbusiness, in which she became a viewer favourite on the ITV soap, playing Mandy Dingle.  Lisa is determined that her weight loss does not overshadow her on-screen achievements, like she thinks that Adele’s singing career is taking a back seat to her body transformation.   Speaking to The Sun, Lisa said that she has found it saddening that people seemingly talk about how much weight has lost and not how many Grammy awards as a singer has won.  The soap actress has said that she didn’t want her time to be about how she has lost weight either.  Lisa said: “It’s as if we are going to forget how many Grammys she has won and of a sudden go, ‘She has lost an awful lot of weight’.  ” …
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