Adele’s Weight Loss Journey | How She Did It + Controversy

Nutritionists investigate what Adele actually did to lose weight & explain the logical fallacies surrounding the messaging that lead to so many controversies.

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At the start of this Summer, Adele shared a birthday post on her Instagram thanking her fans for their birthday wishes and also the COVID Frontliners.

What it didn’t mention was her weight, but instead, that’s what many people fixated on and suddenly the internet was ablaze with both hype and controversy!

What did she do to lose weight? Why did she lose weight? Is it good or bad?

A few weeks ago, we did a review of the Sirtfood Diet, which has been credited to be the secret key that helped Adele lose weight, but when we investigated further, the solution wasn’t quite so simple.

By the end of this video, you’ll understand what she actually did to lose weight + our honest thoughts on the controversy surrounding her weight loss.

And be sure to watch the whole thing, because I’m also going to be pointing out lots of logical fallacies people make when evaluating and judging celebrity transformations like these throughout the video so that you don’t fall into these traps as well.

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