How Did Adele Lose Weight?

How Did Adele Lose Weight? Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss? Need More Tips And Tricks On Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss?

How much weight has Adele lost?

Adele is known worldwide for her superstar singing voice.

However, the Someone Like You singer stunned fans when she revealed her incredible weight loss while on holiday with Harry Styles and James Corden.

The star was seen looking noticeably slimmer whilst on a beach in Anguilla.

In August, Adele looked unrecognizable in a Notting Hill Carnival outfit she posted on her Instagram.

She is believed to have lost an impressive seven stones.

How did Adele lose weight and what is her diet?

Adele has been trying out The Sirtfood Diet, which encourages slimmers to eat plant foods such as kale and buckwheat.

These foods, known as sirtuin activators, suppress appetite and activate the body’s “skinny gene”.

The diet allows slimmers to eat dark chocolate and drink red wine, as they are high in sirtuins.

Adele is also said to have taken up reformer pilates with pal Ayda Field.

The former X Factor judge, 40, introduced Adele to pilates instructor Camila Goodis, 36, who laid on joint workouts for the pair at Robbie’s LA home.

But Brazilian Camila has told how Adele hates exercise and believes her recent body transformation is down to “90 percent dieting”.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Camila said: “I trained Ayda for a long time and it happens that they are good friends so I did Adele when she was there in Robbie’s house.

“I don’t believe she liked exercise much but she has changed her lifestyle and I believe that 90 percent was dieting.”

She said Adele is not one of her current clients but believes the secret to her weight loss is giving up processed food, sugar, and fizzy drinks.

She suggested it was down to “a healthy balanced diet, eating fewer calories a day and expending more energy”.

What has Adele previously said about her weight?

Shedding the pounds has never been a priority for Adele before, who has always insisted that she isn’t at all “insecure” about her appearance after shooting to fame in 2008.

She even revealed that she’d refuse to work with anybody who had an issue with her size, telling People magazine at the time: “Even when I was signing a contract, most of the industry knew if anyone ever dared say: ‘Lose weight’ to me, they wouldn’t be working with me.”

She showed a similar spirit in 2009, telling the Daily Mail: “I can’t be a product; no one can do that to me. I have all the say; I have power over everything I do.”

In 2012, Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld blasted Adele as “a little too fat”, with the defiant singer replying at the time that she is “very proud” of her appearance, adding: “Weight has nothing to do with my career.”

What have Adele’s fans said about her weight loss?

Photos from her holiday with Harry Styles and James Corden, which revealed her dramatic weight loss, have sparked health concerns from some fans.

“Wait Adele looks way too skinny here should we get worried?” wrote one.

“This…this is scary. Not a good look,” wrote another.

However, several people defended her weight loss and dedication to a healthier lifestyle.

“I bet that she’s been on diet to get to her ideal weight, which is great for her but we’re not used to seeing her like that before so that’s why it’s so shocking,” said one fan.

While another said: “I don’t think we should be worried, she knows what she does.”

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