This Is How Adele Lost Weight, Her Former Trainer Revealed Goal Was Something Else

Title: This Is How Adele Lost Weight, Her Former Trainer Revealed Goal Was Something Else

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In May 2020 when we were struggling with restructuring our eating habits, fitness plan and work from home, Adele dropped the major motivational bomb. The lite version of Adele was almost unrecognizable as she posted an Instagram photo thanking the fans for the birthday wish without addressing her weight loss.
As she did not directly addressed the weight loss, fans had different possible reason brewing in their mind, for some it was possible illness and difficulty in her life. When things started going too far, Adele’s former physical trainer stepped in to throw sand over the fire.
Pete Geracimo has applauded Adele’s determination and congratulated her for accomplishing her health goals.

Now the next thing fans started talking about was the secret behind the transformation and many outlets have claimed Adele has been following “Sirtfood” diet, something that was introduced by Geracimo himself.
These are just claims and has not been confirmed by Adele herself but the co-author of the book “The Sirtfood Diet” Aidan Goggins has herself confirmed that Adele is the big fan of their diet plan.
The Sirtfood Diet focuses on sirtuins, which are “a group of seven proteins found in the body that has been shown to regulate a variety of functions, including metabolism, inflammation, and lifespan.” Some popular “sirtfoods” include walnuts, turmeric, strawberries, kale, and extra virgin olive oil.
While the diet is only one part of the transformation and more importantly its response would change on different individuals, Pete Geracimo has made sure that Adele’s transformation does not send a wrong signal to her followers and he has used his social media to address that keeping healthy and being fat phobic are different things.
He explained that when he started the journey with Adele, the idea was not to get super skinny, it was about getting her healthy.
Geracimo also wrote that it was “disheartening to read negative commentary and fatphobic accusations” about the singer’s weight loss. Indeed, Adele’s decisions about her health are between her, her trainers, and her doctors
As far as Adele is concerned, she has publicly spoken about her weight loss for the first time during last week’s Saturday Night Live “I know I look really, really different since you last saw me. But actually, because of all the COVID restrictions and the travel bans, I had to travel light and only bring half of me, and this is the half that I chose.”
While it is not a bad idea to consult your dietician and discuss the sirtfood diet, keeping healthy should be the main objective.
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